Kenya’s Magnificant Tsavo:

Land of The Red Elephants

Tsavo’s gentle giants cool off by dusting themselves with Tsavo’s volcanic red soil making them the world’s iconic red elephants!

Over the past 30 years Tsavo has lost 70% of its Fauna and much of its life-sustaining Flora

Tsavo, a uniquely complete volcanic African ecosystem, is the most important wildlife habitat in East Africa, if not the entire continent. It could soon be lost forever

Amara Conservation:

Reversing this horrific loss through Education

Amara provides environmental education, economic empowerment and habitat protection to fuel conversation and stop the loss. There is still so much to do…

Community Empowerment

Amara works to bridge the gap between people and wildlife by encouraging communities to engage in conservation for their mutual benefit.

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Our Footprint

Over the years, we’ve covered so much ground that we’ve compiled an interactive Google map to showcase all the places we’ve been. Click on a pin for photos and information about each location.

Key Facts About Tsavo & Kenya

In Kenya, the people have grown from 10 to 50 million. At the same time, the animal population has decreased by 70%!

Kenya is 2/3 desert land and people and animals need to learn to share the land

Animals are important to Kenya’s people and the planet

We want to help the people and the animals

Saving Elephants together with Elephant Moon!

Amara Conservation in partnership with Elephant Moon have come together to make a difference in the wildlife conservation journey.

Elephant Moon is a home grown company, proud to be completely GAGA about kids clothing, sustainability and conservation! We like to think that when someone gives one of our products to another human being, they are also giving again in another way at .

And when you squish together being wildly enthusiastic and giving, you really do go GAGA!

Give And Give Again!