Amara’s goal is to help educate local people in the areas surrounding the parks so they understand the importance of the wildlife and ecosystem, and to help guide them to form their own solutions on how to make positive change. We work to conserve unique wildlife and critical habitats and promote sustainable livelihoods through environmental education and capacity building working with rural communities in East Africa.

Our guiding value is the autonomy of indigenous communities; our awareness that each community is unique and must find its own solutions to the problem of sustainability. Amara’s role is to provide information, alternatives, and opportunities in an atmosphere of openness, honesty, and cooperation among stakeholders based on trust and creativity.


Our Key Community Empowerment Projects

Mbulia Group Ranch & Lodge

The solution that Mbulia Group Ranch – the owners of a piece of land bordering Tsavo East and West – came up with was impressive. Mbulia lies on the border of Tsavo East and West, home to over 700 elephants, and providing critical dry season habitat to many more elephants and rhinos. After years of Amara work, in 2011 over 2000 individuals from the Mbulia community dedicated 11,400 acres of their land to form a wildlife sanctuary.


Amara found an investor committed to the environment that now provides revenue and jobs for the Mbulia community. READ MORE